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Mahājanaka Jātaka (No. ). Mahājanaka, king of Mithilā in Videha, had two sons, Aritthajanaka and Polajanaka. On his death, the elder. The Jataka, Vol. VI, tr. by E.B. Cowell, [], full text etext at The tale of the Mahajanaka Jataka is among the most popular Buddhist fables, retold as far East as Thailand. In Cave 1 of the Ajanta Caves.

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Mahajanaka Jataka at Ajanta Caves

The king and queen were coming up separately in front of the dog, [63] which in alarm at seeing them dropped the meat and made off. But the Great Being never wept nor lamented nor invoked any deities, but knowing that the vessel was doomed he rubbed some sugar and ghee, and, having eaten his belly-full, he smeared his two clean garments with oil and put them tightly round him and stood leaning against the mast. Before Aritthajanaka went to battle with his brother, he made his pregnant wife promise that should he be killed, she would flee from Mithila in order to protect the unborn child.

At that time a man in the city had bought mahajajaka large piece of flesh at a slaughter-house and, after frying it on a prong with some coals, had placed it on a board to grow cool; but while he was busied about something else a dog ran off with it. This page was last edited on 7 December mahaajnaka, at Bhuridatta’s wife and mother had missed him so very much.

He prepared magajanaka for the ordeal by eating a full meal, covered himself with sugar and ghee to protect himself from the water, then tied himself to the mast. Moreover, not one had the wit to answer the riddles or the strength to string the royal bow. After circling the stone, jjataka chariot came to a stop. Then the Master, as he described the women’s weeping, and how the king left them all and went on, uttered these stanzas:.


Mahajanaka Jataka | Ajanta Cave 1 Painting. This section is … | Flickr

Mahajanaka studied the liberal arts until he finished at the age of The people shouted, “O king, while you guard the kingdom, they spoil and kill your subjects. The inhabitants heard that Prince Polajanaka was come, and most of them joined him with their elephants and other riding animals, and the inhabitants of other towns also gathered with them.

However, when the new king arrived he did not visit her or pay her any attention. When Nimi saw all the suffering in Hell, he was terrified.

In time he decided to take his revenge by declaring war on King Aritthajanaka. She still continued to follow him even jataaka this speech; but she could not persuade the king to turn back, and the people followed her.

Canda Kumara asked his father not to go through with this sacrifice, though not to save himself, jztaka he was willing to die but for the sake of the innocent victims. She had in mind to go to the city of Kalacampa, sixty leagues away, but did not know the way.

File:Ajanta Cave 1 Mahajanaka Jataka mural – Wikimedia Commons

The Bodhisattva thought, “This is my time for an effort to escape”. King Vedeha and Culani’s family mahajsnaka by boat to the Kingdom of Mithila. Nimi discoursed with the gods for seven days but refused to live in this Heaven forever. When all the preparations were completed they brought Canda Kumara to the sacrificial pit.


Please write feedback here Here you can read media articles about the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia which have been published all over the world. The gardener carried out these instructions and told the king, and he, seated on a royal elephant and surrounded by his retinue, entered at the garden-gate.

So she made a great lamentation, and after erecting a tope where he had stood, she offered worship with flowers and perfumes, and returned. But the queen, after she had ascended the palace, and beheld the king’s locks, of the colour of bees, lying on the jafaka bed, and the articles of his toilet lying on the royal bed, exclaimed, “That was no pacceka-buddha, it must have been our own dear lord, we will implore him jataa come back “; so having gone down from the top-story and reached the palace yard, she and all the attendant queens unloosed their hair and let it fall on mahajanakq backs and smote their breasts with their hands, and followed the king, wailing plaintively, “Why dost thou do this thing, O great king?

Buddhist Terms Jataka Tales. God Sakka changed shape and stopped Vessantara who also gave away his wife. He prepared himself for the ordeal by eating until his belly was full. Jataka tales Thai literature. Some boys were playing there; and a girl was shaking some sand in a small winnowing-basket. Since he was a strong leader, he attracted many followers. His life span was ten thousand years, of which three thousand still remained to him.