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En un ambiente cargado de muerte y decepción, Fernando desahoga su ira lanzando El desbarrancadero al que alude el título aparece como el destino que el tres películas y escrito la totalidad de sus libros: las novelas Los días azules. Notable works, El desbarrancadero, La Virgen de los sicarios. Fernando Vallejo Rendón (born in Medellín, Colombia) is a novelist, filmmaker and. Fernando Vallejo, El don de la vida Según el autor colombiano, que habla de su El libro es “un catálogo de injurias” que él ha formulado “a la de morir”, afirmó el autor de “El desbarrancadero” y “Mi hermano el alcalde”.

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He obtained Mexican nationality in Vallejo then returned to Colombia with the project of filmmaking.


Yet after difficulties with the Colombian Government in producing and, after he produced it, in presenting his first film it was censoredhe decided to leave his country. In Mexico he produced and distributed three films about the violence in Lubro.

Fernando Vallejo: ‘No le veo ninguna razón a la vida, no la puedo defender’ | Cultura |

Despite time spent in other locales, mainly Europe and the United States, most of his novels take place in Colombia.

His books are written in first person, desbarrancadfro an autobiographical style, although he manipulates the conventions of autobiography such that the line between autobiography and fiction becomes significantly blurred.

His best-known novel, La virgen de los sicarioshas been translated into English as Our Lady of the Assassins. InColombian filmmaker Luis Ospina made a feature-length documentary about him: Incessant Portrait of Fernando Vallejo”.

In AprilVallejo obtained Mexican citizenship and published a letter in which he publicly renounced his Colombian nationality. He is known as an animal rights defender and vegan[3] and because of his antinatalist views, he has no children. He is an atheist and fiercely critical of religion.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Spectres of La Violencia Woodbridge: Boydell and Brewer,pp.

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El desbarrancadero, La Virgen de los sicarios.