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Kanthar Sashti Kavasam is a famous Tamil hymn in praise of Lord Murugan. It is composed by Sri Devaraya Swamigal and helps one to obtain. May Karmic sufferings and worries cease, wealth and spirituality grow, and prayers be granted to those who memorise and chant this Kandha Shasti Kavasam. The famous Kanda Sashti Kavasam was sung by Shri Devaraya Swamigal. meaning “armour”), the most popular of which is the Kanda Shasti Kavacham.

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Bless me, O Lord Velayuthan, with love, that I might be showered with plenty and live graciously! The webmasters of Kaumaram. Why are we not having the padai veedu war houses for Lord Rama and Lord Krishna? Amarar idar theera amaram purintha Kumaranadi nenjeh kuri. Protect the sixteen rib bones.

Retrieved from ” https: For as long as kandda tongue can utter Your name for as long as I’m alive mewning, May Your Golden Vel come with the speed of lightning to protect me.

Salutations are offered to the brave Lord of Saravana Poykai, who is approaching on His vahana, the peacock. Each of them will have story of origin attached to them.

Without any delay, come O Golden Vel to grant protective assistance.


This is a rare and valuable treasure that helps one to be successful in day-to-day life. Protect the toes and feet. The one kadna are going to study is the kavasam of Thiruchendur.

With Your twelve wide-opened, shiny eyes, throw Your protecting glance on me, O Lord, and grant me the grace of Your protection. Protect the tongue – O perfect Vel! He threw his weapon at him and split Soorapadman into two halves.

One half became a peacockwhich he took as his Vahana.

Kanda Shasti Kavasam

O Lord of the Vel, You who have stopped and enslaved me; whose loving form has entered my heart and blessed me, Praise be to Thee! Protect the two nostrils – O good Vel! A square mantapa kanxa front of the Pillaiyar temple at Palaya-Kayal, one of such a series, is said to have been built by this family.

The latter had no funds for such a huge task entrusted into his hands, but had appraised him of the solution.

What’s Kanda Shasti?

So it means – we should chant Kandha shashti Kavacham without any desire or malams. Mangaldeep 5 January at Arrangements have been made for the pilgrims to take bath in Saravana Poigai.

Hallowed be the Rider of the peacock! Grant me, O Lord, good relationship with all the fourteen worlds. Devotees usually narrate the Kanda Sashti Kavacham during this period.


Throw your merciful glance towards me and may your look destroy all my sins!

The Kandha Puranam: Thiruchendhur Kandha Sashti Kavasam Meaning

As a meaninh going to battle puts on armour to protect himself, the Kanda Sasti Kavacam also helps one to be safe in day-to-day life. Your silken sash and girdle encircle Your full waist, with a mini-gemmed diadem adorning Your silken robes.

They would happily live on all days, If they recite this Kavacham, Which is equivalent to a Vel. Join or Log Into Facebook.

What’s Kanda Shasti?

The war was waged for six days, at the end of which the Lord vanquished sazhti asura. Muni is an evil spirit in Tamil Nadu. Trying to kanca away a great thing called brain will not help us get anywhere! Protection amarar idar theera amaram purintha kumaranadi nenjeh kuri. Mind, oh mine, meditate On the feet of that Young God, Who waged the war, To end the problems of devas, great.

O Lord of the three letters Mu-Ru-Gacome! Unknown 7 November at Lord Muruga embodies the form of these six letters.