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We can now export jqChart to PNG, JPG and PDF formats. This is often required by customers for saving/printing data. We also have a separate. In order to enable exporting, just include the file immediately after the javascript file the chart uses. (). Did you check out the image export example? It’s all done in Javascript. http:// Not sure about PDF export, .

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While we have your back covered with our server-side Export Handlers for various technologies, we realize that these still require client-side rendering using a browser, which can sometimes be a hassle.

What’s New

This got us thinking about how to do this in a way that is simple, and yet, works across all server-side scripting languages. Picking up from here, we figured the best way to get this to work on any server-side platform would be to use command line execution. Below, we give you two options with step-by-step instructions for each.

Download and install the wkhtmltoimage library for MacWindowsor linuxamd Be careful not confuse wkhtmltoimage with wkhtmltopdf, which generates PDF files instead. The Windows installation comes with both.


Export To Pdf Example – HTML5 jQuery Segmented Display Plugin by jqChart

It is better to add the path of the executable file to the PATH so that you mqchart not need to type the whole path when calling it. Do select that option while installing. Create a dynamic or static web page, and generate a chart in it using our JavaScript chart library. To take a snapshot of only the chart, we recommend loading nothing but the chart in the web page, as shown in this example.

If you need to crop a part of the image that is saved through this process, it can be easily done by setting the —crop-w or —crop-h options in this wkhtmltoimage manual.

The popular PhantomJS JavaScript library allows for more programming flexibility than wkhtmltoimage, but, you may find the previous one easier to implement. We hope this will ease your workflow by a bit, and allow you to share more delightful charts with your end users. Hi, Rahul, thanks for tp reply, but this method works also if the value is a array?

I would pass one array to labels and value for generate a dynamical chart! Hi, can u help me? No matter what I try — chart renders as a blank PNG image.

Try adding javascript delay to the command line. This will help the wxport page to wait some milliseconds for javascript to finish loading. Our love for good ideas.


Using wkhtmltoimage wkhtmltoimage is a simple shell utility to convert HTML to images. Export Charts as Images from Server-side: Now, use command-line or server-side shell execution command to: Call wkhtmltoimage Pass the URL of your webpage to it Pass the path and name of the image file with extension where the image will be saved Pass additional options to set a small delay to allow the chart inside your page to fully load before rendering.

Normally ms should do, but it can be extended upto ms based on how the wkhtmltoimage engine performs in your system. Andrea April 22, Rahul April 23, Andrea April 23,1: Hey, how did you created dynamical charts from Phantomjs? Let me know, expoft. Rahul April 23,1: Yuriy Galanter January 24,2: Hi Yuriy, Try adding jqqchart delay to the command line.

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