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Alternative title: Wohn-Preisspiegel. Year of publication: Published: / Institutions: Immobilienverband Deutschland. Publisher: Berlin: IMMO. Laut IVD-Gewerbe-Preisspiegel / haben die Büromieten in fast allen Lagen angezogen. In Städten mit bis Einwohnern. (population in thousands). Source: RDM-Immobilienpreisspiegel –. Gewerbeimmobilien. IVD-Gewerbe- preisspiegel, HWWI calculations.

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The IVD – a strong community for international members | Immobilienverband IVD

In large part the consumers perseive the IVD logo as a guarantee for quality and professionalism. As an IVD member you would be eligible to use the IVD logo to show your business partners and customers that you stand for these values.

The international real estate business gains importance constantly.

A high investment volume and many German real estates buyers abroad show that international real estate business is not a niche product anymore. To take an activ part in this growing market the IVD is a competent partner for your business.

We give you overview over the German real estate market, the access to German customers, and support you in taking position as a contact person for German customers abroad. Every IVD member gets a certificate of membership, which confirms you as a professional and qualified service provider.


From the 13th of June consumers have 14 days to withdrawal the contract with an estate agent. When a consumer contacts an estate agent and asks for the property details he will receive instead of the requested information the cautioning that he can revoke the contract within 14 days. The estate agent is required by law to make the consumer aware of the right to withdrawal the contract up this stage.

Be a member of the Real Estate Association IVD | Immobilienverband IVD

The consumer still has to pay the estate agent when he actually buys or rents the property. In case that the consumer has no more interest it is sufficient not to buy or prfisspiegel. By confirming that you have received the cautioning of revocation the customer does not enter any obligations. Concerns about hidden clauses are not necessary because text of the advice of the right of revocation is by the legislator.


As pteisspiegel result of the new law estate agent perhaps will give the address of the property not before the end of the deadline of right of revocation.

If customer wants the estate agent to give the information earlier, it is necessary to demand for this explicitly. Consequence is that right of revocation expires when the estate agent has given the chance to buy or rent the property. Nevertheless, if customer wants to exercise right of revocation, he must notify his estate agent in writing of decision to withdrawal from contract.

Real estate service providers who are allowed to be the IVD preiswpiegel of the IVD brand stand out positively from their competitors. According to a representative Emnid survey, more than three-quarters of