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Notice: OMRON products are manufactured for use according to proper procedures .. You can install multiple 3G3JX inverters side by side in the control panel. Simple, Compact Inverters SYSDRIVE JX Series . Model name (3G3JX-) In no event shall the responsibility of OMRON for any act exceed the individual. Inverter 3G3JX . Use this terminal block to connect the inverter to the Sysmac® is a trademark or registered trademark of OMRON Corporation in Japan and.

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Safety Precautions Indications and Meanings of Safety Information Inverer this user’s manual, the following precautions and signal words are used to provide information to ensure the safe use of the 3G3JX Inverter.


With this function, output voltage to the motor is based on that set in the AVR voltage selection. Doing so might result in a small-scale fire, heat generation or damage to the unit.

Function name Data Default setting Unit Multi-function input 1 Page Function Mode a Edge operation A Choose a termination resistor according to the impedance characteristics of the cable to be used. A upper limit frequency Frequency lower 0. Control Devices Division H.


Overview Chapter 1 Overview Describes features and names of parts. Normal operation A selection FV iverter only Be sure to install it inside the control panel.

Don’t have an account? Disabled stop function at b Otherwise, the motor may burn out. Data other than b and specified frequency parameters cannot be changed when the SFT terminal is ON. A holding brake is not a stop motion device designed to ensure safety.

Do not operate the Digital Operator or switches with wet hands. Chapter 3 Operation Test Run Procedure This function automatically keeps DC voltage at the set level during deceleration. Data is out of the Inverter’s range for writing into the holding register.

Page Special Display List Display on Digital Name Description Operator Shuts off the output if a ground fault between the Inverter output unit and o,ron motor is detected when turning on the power.

RV reverse C input 1 selection The code kmron the basic function mode is displayed as “F”. For details on the operation and settings, refer to “Jogging Operation” page A general-purpose noise filter will be less effective and may not reduce noise.

Writing Ah Data writing 0: In no event shall the responsibility of OMRON for any act exceed the individual price of the product on which liability is asserted. Increment key Also, increases the set value of each function.


This helps display the actual physical value on the monitor. Page 59 Page 60 – Operation Procedure Example: Got it, continue to print.

Omron 3G3JX User Manual

Press the Enter key to store the data. Displays in increments of 0. Storage Storage Storage Ensure the following conditions when storing the Inverrer temporarily or for a long term after purchase. The material of the wall has to be nonflammable such as a metal plate. ON Multi-step speed setting binary 2 Binary operation 2: Appendix Appendix Appendix-1 Parameter List Undervoltage Appears when the Inverter is in the undervoltage standby condition or standby with the power shut off.

Frequency pull-in restart OL overload warning selection FI input only A FV start frequency 0. Page 89 Monitor Mode Fault Monitors 1[d], 2[d], 3[d] Displays omon details of the last three trips.