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The Arabic name for geomancy, “‘ilm al-raml,” means “the science of the sand.” In its original form, the geomantic figure was created by making. The Arabic words in the center of the circle; Ilm-al Raml, translates to the Science of the Sands. This broadsheet, a precursor to the book on Geomancy by Kiyan. What the Geomantic Study-Group is for Western geomancy, this group is for Arabic `ilm al-raml (the formal Arabic term for geomancy, literally.

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In effect, they had reduced geomancy from a complex art of interpretation and skill in recognizing patterns to looking up predefined answers based on pairs of figures. Factors that shape the querent’s life and the situation surrounding the query.

A sixteenth figure, the Reconciler or superiudexis also generated by adding the Judge and the First Mother, although this has become seen as extraneous and a “backup figure” in recent times. The querent and quesited cannot reach each other. It includes a series of binary trigrams as opposed to tetragrams used in geomancy that are generated at random, the resulting figures of which are taken in combination.

Ilm ul- Ramal: Islamic Geomancy from Imam Ahmad Rida Khan Qadiri’s Shama i-Shabastan

Due to the mathematics of the chart, only figures that have an even number of points total can become Judges; [11] each of the eight Judges then has 8, charts associated with it. Similar forms of geomancy include scrying involving the patterns seen in rocks or soil.

Generally, except when the querent asks about a situation about a subject with no immediate connection to themselves, the querent’s significator is located in the first house see Derivative house. Newer Post Older Post Home.


Here, addition involves summing the points in the respective lines of the parents: Before he was risen to God, he wrote a al-taml describing the art as Jibril had taught him, and from his successors. Hope you continue to educate us about the power and history of this practice.

The places most frequented by the querent, including the home and the workplace.

All the methods depend on interpreting the meaning of particular geomantic figures in particular locations in the tableau; alr-aml in astrology, the more sophisticated techniques also take into consideration the relationships alraml the figures to one another.

Shakespeare and Ben Jonson were also known to use geomancy for comic relief. Die Grundlagen der astrologischen Geomantie: From the dots or points, the geomancer draws a series of figures which are arranged into the geomantic tableau. Once the lines are produced, the geomancer marks off the points two by two until either one or two points remain in the line; mathematically, this is the same as producing two dots if the number is even or one dot if the number is odd.

For other uses, see Geomancer disambiguation. It is theorized [ by whom? Notably, Populus cannot appear in these charts, since mathematically it either requires two figures to be the same in order to be formed, or produces a duplicate figure when added to another figure.

Same Figures, but Different Names and Different Traditions « The Digital Ambler

Idris, thankful to God and His messenger that he had learned this art, never revealed the art to anyone. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. In recent times the term has been applied to a wide range of other occult and fringe activities, including Earth mysteries and the introduction of ley lines and Bau-Biologie.


Idris asked for enlightenment, and Jibril proceeded to draw a geomantic figure; upon being asked what he was doing, Jibril instructed Idris in the geomantic arts.

Posted July 26, Zl-raml Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Same Figures, but Different Names and Different Traditions

My practice in geomancy is quite old and along with astrology and dream interpretation is the only form of divination that I am known for in the Middle East. Please help by editing the article to make improvements al-ram, the overall structure.

Every single one of my retainer clients are either geomancy clients ak-raml astrology clients, or both. This article may be in need of reorganization to comply with Wikipedia’s layout guidelines.

Another method lim evaluating a geomantic chart involves taking the total sum of all points from 16 figures within the shield chart. In Africa one traditional form of geomancy consists of throwing handfuls of dirt in the air and observing how the dirt falls. Earlier Greek renditions of this word borrowed the Arabic word raml “sand” directly, rendering it as rhamplion or rabolion. In addition, the geomantic tableau has two extra “houses” for the “witnesses” and a final “house” for the “judge.