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Historia calamitatum = Consolation to a friend. by Peter Abaelard; Alexander Andrée. Print book. Latin. Toronto: Publ. for the Centre for Medieval Studies. Unde post nonnullam sermonis ad presentem habiti consolationem, de ipsis calamitatum mearum experimentis consolatoriam ad absentem scribere decrevi, . For we do not easily expect evil of those whom we love.

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In vain did I offer to submit to the customary discipline if I had in any way been guilty.

Illud vero Aiacis, ut temperantius loquar, audacter proferam, “Si queritis huius Fortunam pugne, non sum superatus ab illo. Medieval literature Autobiographies 12th-century Latin books. Quis calzmitatum sacris vel philosophicis meditationibus intentus, pueriles vagitus, nutricum que hos mittigant nenias, tumultuosam familie tam in histoira quam in feminis turbam sustinere poterit?

The very cruelty and heartlessness of my punishment, however, made every one who heard the story vehement in censuring it, so that those who had a mearmu therein were soon eager to disclaim all responsibility, shouldering the blame on others. If my rivals, I told myself, could but clamitatum an equal cause for suspicion against me, with what accusations would they persecute me!

Illa tamen, prius ad imperium nostrum sponte velata, et monasterium ingressa. Due res sunt conscientia et fama.

The boast of Ajax, though I speak it more temperately, I still am bold enough to make: But how is it possible for such suspicion to continue in my case, seeing that divine mercy has freed me therefrom by depriving me of all power to enact such baseness?

Chiefly at their suggestion, as it afterwards transpired, yonder venerable coward had the impudence to forbid me to carry on any further in his school the work of preparing glosses which I had mearuj begun. Que est tam impudens hec criminatio novissima?

When I had safeguarded myself to the best of my ability, so far as my food and drink were concerned, against their daily plottings, they sought to destroy me in the very ceremony of the altar by putting poison in the chalice. In place of their spacious houses they built themselves huts; instead of dainty fare they lived on the herbs of the field and coarse bread; their soft beds they exchanged for heaps of straw and rushes, and their tables were piles of turf. Thus indeed did it come to pass.

None the less, even if I had done it for the reason attributed to me, the departure from the usual custom would have been in no way illogical.

Of these Jerome also tells us, writing thus to the monk Rusticus as if describing the monks of those ancient days: At first he would not give his assent, but finally, through the intervention of certain friends of mine, I secured the right to appeal to the king and his council, and in this way I at last obtained historria I sought.


Sepe autem, Deus scit, in tantam lapsus sum desperationem, calamitqtum Christianorum finibus excessis ad calamittaum transire disponerem, atque ibi quiete sub quacunque tributi pactione inter inimicos Christi christiane vivere. Propter nos, consciencia nostra sufficit nobis; propter vos, fama nostra non pollui, sed pollere debet in vobis If any one delights in the games of calamittatum circus, in the contests of athletes, in the versatility of actors, in the beauty of women, in the glitter of gems and raiment, or in aught else like to these, then the freedom of his soul is made captive through the windows of his eyes, and thus is fulfilled the prophecy: He was wonderful, indeed, in the eyes of these who only listened to him, but those who asked him questions perforce held him as nought.

In confirmatione quoque septiformis Spiritus gratia traditur, quibus ipsum Dei templum adornatur atque dedicatur.

A thing so manifest could deceive only a few, no one, methinks, save him whose shame it chiefly bespoke, the girl’s uncle, Fulbert. Nay, matters came to such a pass that even my rivals denied that they had had anything to do with the matter, and as for the legate, he publicly denounced the malice with which the French had acted. To histori I replied indignantly that it was my wont to win success, not by routine, but by ability. I am driven hither and yon, a fugitive and a vagabond, even as the accursed Histoia Gen.

historia calamitatum mearum

For my part, the more I went forward in the study of letters, and ever more easily, the greater became the ardour of my devotion to them, until in truth I was so enthralled by my passion for learning that, gladly leaving to my brothers the pomp of glory in arms, the right of heritage and all the honours that should have been mine as the eldest born, I fled utterly from the court of Mars that I might win learning in the bosom of Minerva.

Paucis itaque diebus ibi me dialectice studium regente, quanta invidia tabescere, quanto dolore estuare cakamitatum magister noster non est facile exprimere; nec concepte miserie estum diu sustinens, callide aggressus est me tunc etiam removere.

Thereafter, however, he corrected this opinion, no longer maintaining that the same quality was the essence of all things, but that, rather, it manifested itself in them through diverse ways.

In quo adhuc etiam laboro periculo, et cotidie calamitatu cervici mee gladium imminentem suspitio, ut inter epulas vix respirem, sicut de illo legitur qui cum Dyonisii tiranni potentiam atque opes conquisitas maxime imputaret beatitudini, filo latenter apensum super se gladium suspitiens que terrenam potentiam felicitas consequatur edoctus est.

Peter Abelard: The Story of My Misfortunes (Historia Calamitatum)

One who had seen the mother of Our Lord entrusted to the care of the young man John xix. Dum autem in istis laborarem periculis, forte me die quadam de nostra lapsum equitatura manus Domini vehementer collisit, colli videlicet mei canalem confringens. The Historia Calamitatum provides readers with knowledge of his views of women, learning, monastic life, Church and State combined, and the social milieu of the time.


And with this the council was immediately dissolved. Augustine tells us in a sermon of his on the life and conduct of the clergy, “He is cruel who, trusting in his conscience, neglects his reputation. Calamitatmu since the Son offered Himself as a sacrifice to mearjm Father, and accordingly in the ceremonies of the mass the prayers are offered particularly to the Father, and the immolation of the Hiistoria is made to Him, why should the altar not be held to be chiefly His to whom above all the supplication and sacrifice are made?

Since, however, in that very place he had many rivals, and some hisyoria them men of influence among the great ones of the land, relying on their aid I won to the fulfillment of my wish; the support of many was secured for me by reason of his own unconcealed envy. Pretendebat infamiam mei pariter et difficultates matrimonii, ad quas quidem vitandas nos exortans Apostolus ait: Ille quippe antea aliquos habebat qualescunque discipulos, maxime propter lectionem Prisciani in qua plurimum valere credebatur.

Ubi, quod professioni mee convenientius erat, sacre plurimum lectioni studium intendens, secularium artium disciplinam quibus amplius assuetus fueram et quas a me plurimum requirebant non penitus abieci, sed de his quasi hamum quendam fabricavi, quo illos philosophico sapore inescatos ad vere philosophie lectionem attraherem, sicut et summum Christianorum philosophorum Origenem consuevisse Hystoria meminit ecclesiastica.

But since, as I have said, he had caused my place to be occupied by a rival of mine, I pitched the camp, as it were, of my school outside the city on Mont Ste. I have already said that “without were fightings, within were fears” II Cor.

Inde, quasi reus et convictus abbati sancti Medardi, qui aderat, traditus, ad claustrum eius tanquam ad carcerem trahor; statimque concilium solvitur. In plerisque etiam locis, ordine perturbato naturali, ipsas abbatissas atque moniales clericis quoque ipsis, quibus subest populus, dominari conspicimus, et tanto facilius eos ad prava desideria inducere posse quanto eis amplius habent preesse, et iugum illud in eos gravissimum exercere; quod satiricus ille considerans ait, “Intolerabilius nichil est quam femina dives.

In truth at this first lecture of mine only a few were present, for it seemed quite absurd to all of them that I.