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These are the statistics compiled by STOCK PERFORMANCE GUIDE (SPG) By Dynaquest of Dr Neah Soon Kean. MULPHA INTERNATIONAL. I know Dynaquest will release the new version of stock performance guide for Sept and hits mph by Nov , also can order online first. There are over 1, of Public Listed Companies(PLC) in the Bursa Malaysia. How do you select a stock to invest in? Do you use Technical.

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May i know when and where i can get the SPG new form? Kindly log in to the platform with your user ID and password at dqinfo. Money shouldn’t be an object. Don’t worry lah SPG will still come back in better form. After much soul searching and careful consideration, we have decided that it is no longer economical for us to continue to publish this guide book in its current form.

However, kindly note that sections written by analysts, including the write-ups in Outlook tab, Background in Info tab and any Latest Developments would remain in English. We are unable to advise on where to buy Dr.

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Edmund Dominos So sad to see this news! No, you may access the platform directly at dqinfo. At present Dynaquest provides investment advisory services to portfolios with total market value exceeding RM million.

That you have to do your own research.

We created this Platform primarily with guise purpose in mind. Neon Soon Keong wrote a book a decade or two ago, which was out of print.

Book Recommendation – Stock Performance Guide by Dynaquest – Robust Mind

The platform can be accessed on phones and tablets but optimisation on mobile devices is still being improved. That stock was a 10 bagger in my portfolio subsequently. Going to Booming Iskandar now. Pefrormance It is partly true But performancf of the hardcore follower will still buy the book Reading ebook isn’t very comfortable compare to reading a paper book Only some of the very cheap stake will read on their phone Still it is human nature to get it as cheap perfor,ance possible.


Perfirmance we are currently looking into the possibility of digitising the book. Hence we have disabled this function for the trial. Subscribe to this forum Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board. Hi everyone, I know Dynaquest will release the new version of stock performance guide for Sept and hits mph by Novalso can order online first think so.

Balatika Hunter Read Dr Neoh book in the 90s. Is Dynaquest information realiable? He hadShares of Ajiya. Neoh and includes explanations on the importance of certain ratios as well as how to properly use them. After 23 Years Dr.

For the last September Edition I bought 2 copies instead of the usual one. Both I bought but escaped early. Oct 3 It now comprises three invaluable tools for all levels of investors: Percormance work from one of the largest collections of company reports, economic and industrial statistics of the country. Every stock investor must have a copy of this guide Stock Market Bible in order to make an informed decision.

We have a detailed Glossary accessible from the left-side navigation bar, under Tools. The information provided is comprised of the following: This is to prevent sharing of accounts which is strictly against our terms and conditions.

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He has at least 20yrs of data. Icon Ok very true Thumb up. But I am noob in stocks. We dhnaquest provide a detailed glossary which not only defines all the financial terms and ratios, but also explains how to correctly use the data to analyse stock performance. He recommended selling this stock to buy the other. We require that all customers first register their details by creating a Trial Account. Another valued copy was that of the 2nd board counters, also not in print.


If you are searching for new companies to invest in, we recommend trying our Screener tool to set your own metrics and criteria to identify stocks suitable for your investing requirements. So I turned lemon into lemonade. The website and platform are hosted separately.

For example, if you are accessing the platform with stcok phone and you then log in with your desktop, you will be logged out from your phone. Most of them have at least a few years of experience in it. Welcome Guest Log In Register. Show posts by this member only Post 2. Just wait a while more.

Kindly use our free trial and you will notice that for every company, our data and information is organised into 8 main tabs. Thanks a million, Calvin for the info. Yes, we will send out reminder emails 60 days and 30 days before your subscription expires.