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Twenty-year-old Leah’s been in a state of collapse since her boyfriend’s fatal accident. His aunt swoops in and saves her by providing a rent-free place to stay in. Read Come See About Me by C. K. Kelly Martin by C. K. Kelly Martin by C. K. Kelly Martin for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone . C.K. Kelly Martin, who’s written several marvelous young adult novels, couldn’t find a traditional publisher for her first book for adults, Come See.

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Come See About Me: C. K. Kelly Martin: : Books

Sarah Johnson November 24, at But then walks in the Irish man, Liam. To her, that would be hurting — almost shaming — what she had with Bastien. I was afraid poor Leah would come home from the British speciality shop she worked in to find the little guy dead.

This was the first book I’ve read by this author and I will definitely check out her other books. This does sound like a abouut contemp. Unfortunately, this one wasn’t for me.

Twenty-year-old Leah Fischer’s been in a state of collapse since the moment police arrived on her Toronto doorstep to inform her that boyfriend Bastien was killed in a car accident.

It is, as always touching and very, very realistic, a trademark that I have found in Martin’s writing all the time. There’s so much rawness here: And again, like I said, this is totally a personal preference thing and in no way a judgment of Martin’s writing of the book because for the story that she’s telling, vome handles it expertly and so honestly that it almost frustrating because while you may want to see more from Leah as her friends and family doyou know exactly why she’s not there, why she can’t bring herself to connect, marin it hurts because it’s so raw and sfe.


Come See About Me by C.K. Kelly Martin

Of course, that cannot happen. While she’s conflicted about many of the decisions she makes, Leah shares the details with the reader without reservation. I became an Irish citizen in and continue to visit Dublin as often as I c.k.kely while working on novels about young people. However, there is a little part of her that whispers into her ear “don’t give up” I like to think this voice is Bastien but regardless, it is the hope that she needs to find herself in a relationship that will help her grow through everyday events, as well as some major ones, to discover that she is stronger than she thought she was – with a little help from her friends: I like Leah because if I don’t like her that makes me a bad comf because she’s been through so much.

Leah believes everything this questionable character says and cuts Liam off without c.k.kellh to him.

This book was not disappointing in the least, and if anything, it proved Martin has the ability to write across audiences. I felt Md knew those people just from how the other characters talked about them.

While Liam was flawed the dead boyfriend was not flawed enough. First, I have to applaud, the author for writing such a very profound story of loss and overcoming it. She rarely eats or leaves the apartment they shared and ignores her job, school and family and friends up to the point that she loses said job and nearly flunks out of school.


Come See About Me by CK Kelly Martin

Leah and her partner fail to use contraception during their first encounter, and rather than just wait around hoping she isn’t pregnant, she immediately seeks out a legal and effective form of birth control without catching hell mmartin anybody about it. This review is written in my “snapshot” format.

So, I loved the subtle details or Liam’s speech patterns. The part of this book that did work for me was the relationship between Leah and Liam. But still there were sweet and steamy moments that was very well played here that never failed to make me swoon.

I didn’t care, those girls and the uncle and the other guy, my heart BLED for them. She has a real way with capturing humanity in people, abput better or for worse. No trivia or quizzes yet. Neither is ready for a “real” relationship, and yet what happens between them feels very real to Leah.

Liam is far from perfect. After being impressed with the intensity of C.

But every time it occurs to me it feels fresh. About the Author C. No doubt, this book is sexy; it treads a very fine line of incredibly tender and slightly dirty. Consequently I am sufficiently puzzled why the author could not find interested publisher Thanks for finding that link, Sarah Moon. I thought he was a goner when she hoped nothing would happen to Albertson.