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Dodge Charger Owners Manual [Dodge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dodge Charger Owners Manual. View and Download Dodge Charger owner’s manual online. Dodge LX48 Charger Owner Manual. Charger Automobile pdf manual download. Sign in to your Dodge owner account now to gain knowledge of your vehicle with how-to videos, tips, your owner’s manual and more, all tailored to you.

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The cap should be inspected and cleaned if there is any accumulation of foreign material on the sealing surfaces. Page Headlights On With Wipers Install two lug nuts on the mounting studs, which are on each side of the stud that is in alignment with the valve stem.

My Dodge: Dodge Owners Service Manuals – Dodge Cars, Minivans, SUVs

Page 35 There are single window controls on each passenger door trim panel, which operate the passenger door windows. Parking Brake The brake light in the instrument cluster will turn on when the parking brake is applied and the ignition switch is on. Installing aftermarket window tinting that contains materials, which may block radio wave signals.

If a preset button is activated while in the Music Type Program Type mode, the Music Type mode will be exited dharger the radio will tune to the preset channel. The following maintenance recommendations will enable you to obtain maximum benefit from the corrosion resistance built into your vehicle. A two-point pivot system allows for horizontal and vertical mirror adjustment.

Power Door Locks If the door lock plunger is down when you shut the door, the door will lock. Never drive through standing water that is deeper than the bottom of the tire rims mounted on the vehicle.


Towing any trailer will increase your stopping dis- tance. Select a vehicle to explore. Lists proper tire pressure settings. If a child from 1 to 12 years old must ride in the front passenger seat because the vehicle is crowded, move the seat as far back as possible, and use the proper child restraint refer to information on Child Restraint in this section.

This sequence maunal continue upon subse- quent vehicle start-ups as long as the hcarger exists. Route the tether strap to provide the most direct path for the strap between the anchor and the child seat. Determine the combined weight of luggage and cargo being loaded on the vehicle. In order to avoid damage to tires, chains, and your vehicle do not drive for a prolonged period of time on dry pavement.

Skip to main content. Change the rear axle fluid if using your vehicle for any of the following: Wear eye protection and remove any metal jewelry such as watchbands or bracelets that might make an inadvertent electrical contact. The sunshade cannot be closed if owbers sunroof is open. However, the con- ventional brake system will onwers to operate normally if the BRAKE warning light is not on.

Cleaning Headlights Your vehicle has plastic headlights that are lighter and less susceptible to stone breakage than glass headlights. It could come loose in a collision. Improper alignment will not cause vehicle vibration.

Do not train the transceiver if people or pets are in the path of the door or gate. How- ever, the manufacturer recommends that air conditioning service be performed by dealers or other service facilities using recovery and recycling equipment. This is a used owners manual.

Jacking and Changing a Tire 1. Vibration may be a result of tire and wheel out-of- balance. Do not adjust the steering wheel while driving. Pull the window switch up to close window com- pletely and continue to hold the switch up for an additional two seconds after the window is closed. Your ownere dealer has been successfully updated. Before raising the vehicle, use the lug wrench to loosen, but not remove, the lug nuts on the wheel with the flat tire.


Remove the remaining fastener from the back of the tail light assembly. Tether Strap Mounting 2. The illuminated entry system will also turn on. Page – Operating Instructions – Satellite Radio Search Advanced Search Search Tips. hcarger

Dodge 2008 Charger Owner’s Manual

If the medium contains a lot of folders or files, the radio will take more time to start playing the MP3 files. The light should turn on when the ignition switch is first turned ON and remain on briefly as a bulb check.

It is extremely dangerous to ride in a cargo area, inside or outside of a vehicle. The turn signal lights will flash to acknowledge the unlock signal. Since this tire has limited tread life, the original tire should be repaired or replaced and rein- stalled at amnual first opportunity. If your vehicle is equipped chargeg air conditioning, keep the front of the condenser clean, also. Under normal operating conditions, the catalytic converter will not require maintenance.

The symbol SET 1 will now show in the display window. Your vehicle should be manul outside of the garage while training. DaimlerChrysler does not recommend deacti Page 81 Mist Feature